Blighted Ovum: What to expect & how to cope
Blighted Ovum: What to Expect & How to Cope

August 10, 2021

What to expect from a blighted ovum

Please note: This article has not yet been reviewed by a medical professional and is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always refer to go to your medical provider for your medical care. This is intended to be peer-to-peer support only.

If you are diagnosed with a blighted ovum, your doctor likely saw a gestational sac on the screen but did not see a fetus inside the sac. Just like a chemical pregnancy, you may question whether you were in fact pregnant. YES. You were. Your baby, even though too tiny to see, already had its DNA which would determine what color eyes, hair, and skin he or she would have had. Your baby was an individual. And you deserve the right to mourn the loss of this child.

You may experience a vaginal miscarriage or may need a D&C. For what to expect from your body and questions to ask your doctor, see “First Trimester Pregnancy Loss.”

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Rachel Lewis is a foster, adoptive and birth mom. After a 5-year battle with secondary infertility and the losses of five babies during pregnancy, she now has three children in her arms and a foster son in her heart.

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